More Ministries


We always are looking for volunteers to serve in various ministries. Like most churches, our hearts desire is to minister to God’s people and the community at large. To do so, we must offer different ministries for different “giftings,” interests and age groups. Below are some of the ministries we provide and participate in:


Benevolence Ministry

Helping to provide financing for the less fortunate is a part of true Christian ministry. Because most churches in our area are smaller and due to the fact that some individuals seek to steal from God we work with other area churches through the South Ripley Ministerial Association and Batesville Area Ministerial Association. By working together we are able to keep tabs on those who would take advantage of the generosity of the churches. We also can do more to help others by providing our resources.

Church Board

Our Board oversees the administration and spiritual business of the church.


A number of families have volunteered to help clean the church weekly.

Core-Group Prayer

This is a prayer meeting that focuses on renewal and revival of our church and community. The prayer meeting is open to everyone in the church and is participatory in style. 

Decorating Ministries

Several of our ladies make all the seasonal changes necessary in our décor, with many other touches added.


Besides meeting people at the door with a cordial greeting our greeters also make sure our guest needs are met and that they have received our guest pack.


Our hostess makes sure that our guest speakers needs are met and is responsible to coordinate volunteers for all of our dinners and special events.


Our reaching the world requires us to partner with others who are going there. Therefore, currently Church on the Rock is supporting 13 missionary and evangelist families on a monthly basis. We believe every church should give us much as God expects each individual to. In fact, we try to give above the 10% in our missions offerings. We invite you to look at the pictures of the missionaries we support, displayed in the sanctuary hallway of our church.