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Men from Gibeah, a tribe of Benjamin, rape and kill a woman. The other tribes demand that the Benjamites give the criminals up. When they don’t, a war starts. When the other tribes inquire of God about which tribe goes against them first, the Lord says ”Judah first” (20:18). Judah had been given the preeminence among the tribes because his older brothers had done some really bad things. Judah is the tribe of David, the greatest king of Israel and Jesus, the King of Kings. Whenever we find ourselves in conflict we should inquire of God before we engage the enemy. This is true whether the confrontation is with evil spiritual forces or people being used by them. And while in prayer we should ask the Lord, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, to go before us. With Him leading, you shall not fail.

Pastor Roger Dean

Judges 17-21

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